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Sustainable matters.

Frankie Top

Designed for the adventurous woman who loves to explore, the Frankie top is classy, comfortable and oh so versatile! This our most loved top, likely because it compliments your individual shape so well while offering the support needed to live life anywhere and any way you choose.


  • Medium Support
  • Scoop Neckline
  • Fixed back
  • Unpadded
  • UV protection and Quick Drying
  • Seamless and Double Lined

All of our swimwear is made with Recycled fabrics, either Econyl or Reprieve, which is created from waste that would otherwise be polluting our earth such as abandoned fishing nets, plastic bottles, and industrial plastic. We use Earth friendly Ink for all of our prints because we refuse to leach toxic chemicals into our earth and we only make a small amount of each item to avoid over-production and the possibility of making too much.

Why so good?

High performance fabric

Moisture? It wicks. Drying? It’s quick.

Action-ready fabrics are at the heart of every Ohana design. 

Double-lined and super-stretchy – this is a suit that’s on point from a.m. to p.m., brunch to beach and back again.

Timeless designs

Rather than jumping onto the latest and lamest trend, we’ve kept our designs timeless in colour and style because we know that trends come and go.

You'll find a range of suits from full coverage to cheeky, with scoop necklines, solid support and a perfect fit every time.