Our Story

"Be bold, be brave, lead by example."

We wanted to be apart of an earth-loving sustainable movement. Searching for people dedicated to helping create a better planet. Through our swimwear we hope to make the world a little better.

Created by sister and brother, Jessie and Ryan. We are driven by community, deterred by toxicity and a love of travel. Growing up, sustainability wasn't talked about much at our home. It wasn't until we began to travel and see the world that we realized something bad was happening. So we decided to help in the best way they could and started Ohana Swim. We hope to connect with likeminded people and bring a great sustainable product to the world.

"Products with a purpose."

The word Ohana means flower in Japanese. This name best represents the core of our company, our purpose to build a connection between people around the globe, so we can all blossom together into a new era of business.

By Being apart of a community and helping to educate and support the people within, we hope to make a big difference, especially in the fast-fashion industry. We are determined to create a positive impact wherever we go and will try to network with sustainable movements and openminded people. Thank you for taking time to learn about us. We appreciate it dearly.